Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Things I've noticed about Logic 9 while getting my oil changed and tire repaired.

Logic 9 uses an image of the arrange window as the sessions icon image and for the quick look preview. Very handy for figuring out which version of an arrangement you are looking for without having to load the session. You can see the Logic 8 below session to compare. The screen shot even removes the toolbar so it doesn't have wasted space.

Also tried out the Flex time on this song slowing the tracks from 77bpm to 65bpm and the results did impress me. (Though I will be re-tracking the parts for performance reasons.)
The new groups floating window is very useful.
I like the new zoom commands even though I will have to retrain my hands. They are more useful and I don't have to twist my hands into bizzare shapes just to zoom in or out. If you've used a previous version you have to choose the defaults since it doesn't automatically replace them when you upgrade.

Posted via email from John Tooker