Saturday, August 08, 2009

Logic 9 looks good and songs to be shaped.

So a new version of Logic Studio was release this month. I plan to upgrade when the cash appears since several of the new features fall in the category of things that made me go "wow I wish I had that when I needed to fix problem X in recording Y." The thing I can't wait to play with the most though is the send region to sampler instrument since that is what I have done manually or with ReCycle since first owning a sampler.

In other news reading older entries combined with Danny heading to Spain for a few months (or much longer) starting around next year has inspired me to work on music with a get it finished motivation. I noticed a few songs listed in a blog from almost 5 years back are still unfinished recordings and that seems like a shame. So I'll just focus on getting them to the level that Danny's vocals will be all we need to finish them so that hopefully he can just whip them out and I could mix them even when he's not here.

I will review them each in turn for worthiness but here are some older tunes on the older blogs I think I'll look into completing. I reserve the right to skip any that would take to much work to finish!

In no particular order some of these might get finished:

In Motion
Love Hangover
What are you waiting for?
The Pretty Ones
The Fall
Window to the Shore
Body and Mind
Walk Away
Simple Lies
An Entire Nation

Other songs not listed here will also move forward.

Updates to come as things happen.