Monday, August 10, 2009

The new-new-new plan of attack for the Marqui Adora recordings.

Joe and I both share files using a service called DropBox (Click this link to try it and both you and I will get extra space for FREE!) Since the two of us use Logic Pro 8 (Soon to be Logic Pro 9) we can both open up the project on our home machine and get right to work without having to exchange DVDs or hard drives. (On a side note we did find one glitch. We have to save as... a copy to get DropBox to work well each time we change the session. So we add a new three digit number each time Song Blah 005 as an example.) Sadly Danny still doesn't own a Mac so he can't join in our reindeer games.

The one thing I've changed today is I've created several numbered folders that show the songs current progress by showing what is needed to be finished.

01-Track Drums
Means a recording that needs the drums to be finished.

02-Track Bass
Drums are finished now the bass needs to be.

03-Track Guitars
Drums and Bass finished but not the guitars.

04-Track Vocals
Drums/Bass/Guitars are finished needs Vocals.

05-Track BG Vocals
I think you can guess this one.

Means all the recording should be done, including any Keyboards, and it should be ready for editing and mixing.

Mix is approved by everyone else now it will wait until it is joined by others so it can be mastered and released with them.

Song is released or about to be released.

I decided against a dedicated keyboard section since we add those at will though the whole process.