Friday, February 29, 2008

Marqui Adora update by Tooker

Hey people,

I thought I'd give you guys a long overdue update on our doings and such.

Last year we spent a few months chasing down TV and Movie peeps with the intention of getting our tunes placed in a few ads, TV shows, or movies. We met with limited financial returns and had to go back to having "day jobs" before the year ended which led to a halt of recording work for the last few months. The good news is that Joe and I both have day jobs that suit us better then the ones we had left a year ago. (Not that the old place was that bad mind you, it was just time to move on to greener pastures.)

While not much has happened in the recordings department we have had an increase in the number of live shows that we played down here in South Florida. In the last few months we've played shows in a few different 2 piece and three piece configurations. (The last show at PS-14 a few weeks back was the first we've played as a full band since before Halloween!) The good that came from these shows is that we feel very comfortable creating unique shows by altering our songs to fit the environment of the show rather than only playing a song one way.

The downside is that we remain rather disheartened by the lack of interest in live music in South Florida. (Things where very different when we all started playing in bands as teenagers down here.) We've decided to focus on playing more selectively in the next few months and will instead invest our time and energy back into finishing some of the long unfinished recordings and developing new songs.

To fill the hole left by not playing shows we've decided to make some some of our rehearsals into recordings and film them for youtube and such. Please remember we ain't no freaking boy bands people so don't expect any dance moves or bling. They will just be captured moments in time, warts and all as they say. I spent today editing the first of these and hope to have it finished and uploaded tomorrow. Be on the look out for a warehouse recording and video of a newish song called Walk Away.

More to come...

Marqui Adora

P.S. You do know you can get all of our songs for free at our website right?
Go get them!

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Preacher on preacher....

Ahhh truth.

"Just happen to have a podium"

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