Monday, February 25, 2013

Dropbox vs. Google Drive for musicians.

TLDR-Dropbox works well and fast while Google Drive is (currently) snail paced.

The members of Marqui Adora have been using Dropbox and before that MobileMe/.mac to share files for years. I decided to try using Google drive to replace Dropbox and it is the worst experience I've had with a Google product in a very long time.

The desktop client is startlingly slow. I've spent hours watching it slowly creep along with the huge pile of files I have. It's also reporting that it is having a problem uploading files. Files that are perfectly good and will upload when you tell it to try again. Restarting the App, restarting the computer or having no other activity on the computer and network make no difference. I can't understand how a company with as many server farms and knowledge of data storage, transmission, and tons of fiber can think this is a product worth paying for.

It's just bad.

I guess I can kiss that $5s goodbye.

Sorry Google but I won't be sticking around waiting for you to do what Dropbox already can do and MobileMe did years ago.