Monday, September 14, 2009

I learned something today... (From a gay fish)

So Sunday morning I was telling Nikki about a thought I had that week that explained why I liked music and art and didn't really care about professional sports. My thought was that when I've gone to see a band perform I want them to play well. I want them to play well for my sake for the audience and for themselves. When I leave a show I'm excited to have seen someone do something well even if it was a band I don't care about.

 Contrast that to a sports fan. When you are a sports fan you have teams that you like and root for and ones you don't like and root against. You will be disappointed even if you see one of the best games ever if it's not your team that wins in the end. You can't enjoy seeing someone with skill and talent play because they are wearing the wrong jersey.

 I felt great about this analogy and felt it clearly expressed my point of view.

 Then Kanye West feels the need to interrupt someone receiving an award because it wasn't the person he was rooting for.

 Thank you Kanye for using your idiot powers to prove my point so elegantly.

 I'm glad I'm not you and don't see the world through your retarded eyes.

Posted via email from John Tooker