Saturday, February 21, 2009

Friction and Untitled Document Syndrome

I think this is a very good read.

Go read that I'll wait right here 'till you're done.

I've been thinking about this at my day job. Part of the problem new computer users have is they expect every program to work the way iTunes and iPhoto does. They don't even realize that they have just saved a document called untitled into the documents folder and they have no idea how to find it.

Even in a Pro App like Logic I hate having to come up with some bullshit name before I can play a note of music! (Yes sometimes I need to get to those files themselves but maybe if things got handled like they are in Aperture I could keep an "online" and offline version of songs and still export them when needed.) They fixed some of this with hiding the environment part of logic from the average user but I wish they had more input from the kind of thing pointed out in the above article.

On a side note to Joe and Danny I think Friction might make a good title for the RPM Challenge finished work. Eight Days Left!!!