Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Marqui Adora songs...

Here's a few of the songs current status:

1-The Fall is ready for vocals and then for Joe and Danny to do the backing vocal parts.

2-Window to the Shore still needs Joe's HH and cymbals then it's ready for mixing. I'll try to get him something to start practicing to by this weekend so that maybe he and I can finish that off soon.

3-Catch the Sun needs middle vocal part.

4-Gloom needs me and Joe to fine tune which parts play in what sections but is very close to mixing.

5-Walk Away needs some more aggression to it. I have some ideas that I might try. Also I want to try the noisy intro idea.

6-In Motion cymbals, then bass, then guitars, then vocals. I'll get Joe a practicing version this week.

7-Body and Mind-Drums need some work. Then track bass. Add one more guitar idea. Then record vocals.

Some of the others that need a bunch of stuff but are a little more solid include these:

8-Simple Lies
9-Yours and Mine
11-Everyone Around Me

And there's a few older tunes I've started to tinker with and a pair of newer ideas as well.