Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mixing In Logic Pro... Episode One.

Some advice for mixing in Logic.

Since I've switched from mostly recording with Pro Tools to using Logic I've found a few things help me make the transition.

1-Logic lets you have a lot of tracks so use 'em. When I find a need to make one section stand out in some way I'll take one of the instruments and use it on a second track to allow for a brief change in the character of the mix. Don't be afraid to have a boatload of tracks in a Logic Session.

2-Don't waste the horsepower of your machine. Be sure to use strip silence or manually remove sections of dead air on all your tracks. The reason to do this is Logic, unlike Pro Tools only uses effects when there is audio on the tracks.

3-Don't waste the horsepower of your machine. Use the freeze track option. It does some weird stuff sometimes but most of the time you'll gain some more power back. Works best if your session is on a fast harddrive.

4-Under the view menu you can add more to the track header including track freeze and colors.

5-Hit the A key!

6-You can assign a second tool that will be used when you hold the command key down. Holding control and option will switch to the zoom tool. Hitting esc will let you quickly change the main tool. Holding command while selecting the tool will choose the second tool. The fade tool is handy for cleaning up tracks before mixing.

7-I usually start my mix by having the kick and snare drum alone at about -10db to -6db then build my mix round that. If I need to lower the overall mix I'll hit the X key and drag across the track names on the mixer so I can pull them all down without using a group.

8-Careful with the EQ. +30db and -30db is a lot of power. Use it very lightly. The EQ has an analyzer that can be pre or post EQ.

9-Some of the channel strip presets and Compressor settings are great but you'll need to adjust the threshold of the compressor to work with your tracks.

10-The compressor has several different models that can have a very strong effect on the sound and feel. (I think these are some of the different Circuit Types-VCA=dbx160, Class A R =Focusrite Red, Class A U Urei, Opto=LA2A ish)

11-When in doubt try a tape delay. I love that fuckin' thing!

12-check the extended paramters on the plug-ins. Hit the disclosure triangle to see them.

13-Remember you can and should go back later and use Soundtrack Pro, Waveburner or another Logic session to master your tracks so you don't have to worry about the overall level while working on your mix.

More later...