Monday, August 06, 2007

Why you should be subscribed to the Marqui Adora Podcast feed. FREE STUFF!

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Today at Marqui Adora HQ we decided to post all the songs so far completed (and future ones as well) to our Podcast feed. We've posted the first song, The March, and it's free for you to distribute with only two catches.

1-Each song will have a short audio tag from a member of the band.

2-If you like the song we ask you to please show it and buy our music at or other stores listed on our website. (The site in particular is a good choice since you can get a higher quality MP3s for only 99 cents with no DRM.)

Every other day for the next few weeks we'll be posting one of the songs and the days between each we'll be posting a brief podcast about the previous day's song.

Stay subscribed!
Marqui Adora

"Hope you like our new direction..."

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