Monday, June 22, 2009

The postmodern death of pop music as an art.

So I stumbled on this today...

Lady Gaga Live at Much Music Awards 2009

I found it from here.

When I read Lady Gaga performs two songs “Love Game”/”Poker Face” I thought "okay I have to know if Poker Face means what I think it does." At this point the only exposure to Lady Gaga I have is seeing her with a lot of make up on various music magazines and websites and a brief listen to a few songs in the iTunes store. I checked out the songs because I had hoped for something along the lines of Lady Saw (a female reggae artist). Instead my ears started to bleed from auto-tune overdoses so I dismissed her as more of a recorded company/industry creation.

As I watch the usual overly-dramatic-awards-show-dance-routine I notice that "hey she is actually singing a few lines live!" Then I realize something odd. The whole dance performance makes no sense unless you've seen Madonna or Brittany or Janet or some other female lip-sync artist performing on an awards show. Then, as if to prove my point, it ends with two female dancers grabbing her chest before doing a costume switch where she has a cone shaped bra shooting off fireworks from her breasts. I feel pretty sure she would've done it nude just for the shock value. Madonna would be proud.

The awards show itself reminded me of a cargo cult type of behavior where certain rituals are performed in the hope of receiving certain rewards. The catch is the behavior has nothing to do with gaining the desired rewards. Getting an award doesn't make the music good. Doing a shocking(!) performance doesn't make you a pop star. Wearing almost no cloths doesn't make you sexy.

I can only conclude that the music industry has no idea what it is doing and is thrashing around and using every kind of trick that might've once worked for them to brainwash the publics ears one last time.

Someone should tell them John Frum is not coming...

Marqui Adora

P.S. While the song "Poker Face" seems to refer the singer being unreadable, after the exploding tits moment it was definitely ment to reference "poke her face" with a snicker snicker... Or maybe I'm just being cynical?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Penn Says:Happy High Taxes

I love this video.

The 9 out of 10 part is gold.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Music you should hear: Theresa Andersson

Interesting pop music made with one woman and a lot of delay pedals. Her Myspace page:

iTunes Link