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Speak the truth Jack! Amen!

Let's not let them waste our fuckin' money...

Tell 'em hell no.

Go here and they will send it to the correct people:

Here's what I wrote.

I oppose the proposed bailout plan because nowhere in the constitution
does it say any business deserves the right to exist. Let the market
forces of capitalism punish those whose business practices fail to earn
them profit. Let them fold and have their assets purchased by companies
who are more nimble and careful with their money.

The resemblance this proposal has to economic planning that would occur in
a communist country can not be ignored. Please re-read the constitution
and remember that the money you wish to spend is not yours. How does this
represent the will of the American people? Doesn't this remind you of why
the colonies rebelled against England?


John Tooker

It was sent to:
Secretary Paulson
Representative Hastings
Senator Martinez
Senator Nelson

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm sorry to do this to you...

Pay attention to the Lyrics.

It's like Cartmans songs.

And it's real.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008