Saturday, September 15, 2007

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I also posted this to my fuzz blog:

This post is slightly long and rambling but I think it's fairly short considering the topics I cover: Gig Trading, Event Sharing, "fan Photos", RSS reading blogs, live show ratings,"The buzz" localized, Profiles for clubs promoters and DJs

To begin with, one of the functions I really enjoy about is the browse function and it's integration with google maps.

If you haven't chcecked it out yet then go here for browsing music

And here for browsing people:

You can check out bands in your local area or somewhere you might soon visit very quickly and easily.

One thing that is very obviously missing is a way to view events and show in a given area on a given date. Some sort of spreadsheet/calander pulled from the gigs listed in one area. Several clubs in Miami are still open when the sun is coming up and you might visit several clubs in any given night so having a way to see all the events of one night would be very useful. But the implementation could be handled way better then it is on a site like MySpace.

So let me give you a look into a night out as I think it could be.

Let's say that this guy named Joe decides to head to Miami one night to meet up with his friend Danny. Before heading out, Danny checks for an overview of the entertainment choices for the night. He sees that Modernage is playing at Studio A near the design district so they decide to start the night by going to that show.

The opening band is an excellent. They play live dub reggae and go by the name Grimy Styles. Joe uses his iPhone to find them on Fuzz and add them to his favorites and gives the show that night a five star rating so that others will know this band really impressed him with their performance. While he's at it he e-mails some of the photos he took of the band to his photo email address with his iPhone. He adds the tags Fan Photos, Grimy Styles, Live and the date to the title of the e-mail so that they will show up under his "fan photos" and will also appear on the Grimy Styles fuzz page after the band gives the photos a quick approval. (Flickr has a way to auto e-mail a photo to your account like this at the moment)

When Modernage take the stage they play three songs Joe and Danny haven't heard before that really show the band growing and exploring new sounds. Joe makes a quick blog post on his blogger page with his iPhone. The next time someone looks at his homepage on his blog entry from blogger has been automatically added as a new entry to his fuzz homepage. (Marqui Adora already uses this RSS feed reader idea on our homepage and our VIRB profile. We post once to blogger and it appears at the other places without having to do anything else.)

As Joe and Danny watch the rest of the set from Modernage the Buzz page shows Joe's latest blog entry. When you browse the Modernage gig for that night you also see the photos tagged with the name of the club taken that night or any that list Grimy Styles or Modernage and the current date. A fuzz friend of the guys decides to head to the show before it's over and try to catch the rest of the set because of Joe's blog and the pictures showing a dancing crowd.

When the show is over the guys head over to another part of town to catch a DJ set by a drum n' bass DJ named Mendez. The promoter for the event had entered all the details into the profile he created for the weekly party he books. His promoter profile also sent a request to the profile Mendez had set up as a DJ to add the event to his fuzz page. Once Mendez accepted the request the event was added to the events listed on Mendez's page.

The club that the event was held at also authorized the promoter to auto add the events he listed on those days of the week that the promoter held events at their club. So when you went to the clubs page you would see the information that the promoter entered for that night.

(This type of system would cut back on the problem other sites have of multiple listings for a single event. Also having DJs and promoters have a distinct kind of profile would help another problem where every club has a page that never gets updated but they want you as a friend and every DJ is trying to shout over the noise of the crowd by posting 20 bulletins.)

Browsing the fuzz music map from his iPhone after the DJ set Joe notices that The Nerd Parade is playing just a few blocks over that night. Before they head over to the club Joe makes another quick blog entry telling people to head over to this new place to watch The Nerd Parade. His post shows up on the buzz page for that area so anyone looking at the map sees he said he'd be there. When they walk the few blocks to reach the club they find a few Miami friend already there and grab a few beers.

While they sit waiting for the band Joe checks out the page for the Nerd Parade and sees that they have booked a show for the following night at a place called the Poor House in Ft. Lauderddale. He notices that they also need a second band for the show since the band they intended to play with cancelled. The details of the post say the second band would need to have it's own PA since The Nerd Parade can't stay late. Joe finds one of the guys in the band and offers for his band, Marqui Adora, to play the Ft. Lauderdale gig with them. They accept and one of the Nerd Parade updates the post on to list Marqui Adora and send a request to the Marqui Adora fuzz page to add the event.

(The idea is that a band playing a show in it's own town or even out of town could list a show that they need another band to play and could pick who they'd like to add based on the offers and the details they'd receive.)

Okay that's enough typing for today.

Marqui Adora