Saturday, September 22, 2007

Circa28 recap...

Hey folks,

We had a great time playing at Circa28 last night so a big thank you to everyone who braved the torrential downpour to come to the show. Thanks also to the DJs, staff, and Chrisitian for making it such a positive experience playing a live show again.

We did a brief interview with a film crew from UMTV (the Univerity of Miami TV network) before the show and they filmed some of the set as well for later use. (When we know what will be done with the footage we'll be sure to let everyone know.)

Here's a rundown of the set from last night:

Empty (Hollow Version)
Don't Panic
The March
White Buildings
In Motion
Die In A Disco
Walk Away
Do Anything
I Feel You (Depeche Mode Cover)

Thanks again to everyone for coming out!
Marqui Adora