Monday, October 27, 2014

Another good video from XOXO. John Gruber tells the story of how Daring Fireball became his job.

It's about 45 minutes long. This is the kind of video I add to the watch later list on YouTube and pull it up on my AppleTV to watch.

I'd like to highlight a couple points that I really agree with:

  • CPM based advertising is a corrupting agent on the web.
  • He shouldn't be the exception with his way of doing business, he should be the rule. 
  • We need more singular voices like his. (Personally I wish we had more interesting dialogs/monologues in areas outside of tech.)
Some other thoughts:
  • I think his kind of thoughtful writing about a subject he cares about, and is knowledgable in, is a very much a kind of American Revolution idea. Example A, Example B
  • Because he answers to no one but his readers, he can have an unpopular opinion or two and doesn't need to bend to fit a majority opinion. He can be spiky when he feels the need to be.
  • He controls his own destiny in a way not many other writers can claim to.