Wednesday, April 30, 2008

More Pro Tools to Logic Pro 8 switcher tips...

Howard sent me a rather good Logic question...

"you know how in ProTools during a playback, the meter for that track stays constant depending on how strong the audio file is and not dependent on where the fader is....and in Logic, that same meter display varies depending on placement of the fader...ya feel me?

anywhoo, i looked in the manual and had no luck...?"

The answer is rather hard to stumble upon so here's how to do what the H-Man wants to do.

To get Logic Pro 8 to show the channel meters pre-fader style you first must right click on the transport bar in some of the dead space to bring up the Customize Transport Bar options as shown below.

You should then turn on the Pre-Fader Metering button listed below the Modes and Functions list.

It will add a button to the right of he transport bar that when switched on changes the meters from post fader to pre-fader.

Dig it:

I'm glad Howard made me think of this because it is one of the things I was use to seeing in Pro Tools and hadn't noticed I was missing it in Logic.

And now I can switch at the touch of a button in the Transport Bar.

Keep 'em coming H-Man!